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OXT Corp. is a First Nations corporation. We are committed to environmental stewardship, social responsibility and the long term enhancements and sustainable developments of First Nations communities.

We believe that First Nations and Industry can work together. OXT has the framework to establish lasting relationships between First Nations and Industry. Our team will facilitate relationships building between First Nations, Government and Industry and look for economic and partnership opportunities for First Nations communities.

We have developed a team of partners, experts and consultants who support the underlying principle of collaboration between First Nations, Government and Industry. Our team has extensive expertise in First Nations and Aboriginal Relationships; Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility; First Nations Training and Education; and Design and Construction including Land Use and Development. Our services cover all project phases from conception through construction and life of operation.

Mission Statement

We strive to maximize the full economic benefit of the energy industry so that aboriginal citizens may realize a path to self-sustainability.

OXT Corp Brochure

Read about how OXT Corp is committed to the enhancement of sustainable development of First Nations communities.
The Challenge

The Challenge

We aim to create a platform and toolset upon which the Energy industry and First Nations people can come together and form a lasting commercial, social and environmental relationship.

The Journey

The Journey

OXT employs the principles of restorative justice and stewardship for Mother Earth, while utilizing cutting edge technology to insure a relationship of integrity, trust and transparency.

The Destination

The Destination

We create an environment where the need for stewardship of the land is met, and where the need to continue to build economic prosperity for citizens and stakeholders can be advanced.


To create an effective solution, OXT Corp has developed relationships with First Nations leaders and leaders in the Energy industry. To support those relationships, we also call on other companies including consultants, oil & gas specialists, software developers, mediation counselors, and restorative justice experts.

Program Details

Explore our program in-depth, by taking the next step and reviewing our summary material for each stakeholder in the Energy Industry.
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  • Economic Opportunity
    Exploration, infrastructure development, environmental monitoring and associated businesses
  • Collaboration
    Creates a path to self-sustaining aboriginal citizens
  • Negotiation
    Removes the current drawbacks in the adversarial negotiation process by working together to reach the common goal of mutual prosperity